3 reasons Grenada is the best second citizenship programme for investors with family

3 reasons Grenada is the best second citizenship programme for investors with family

Concern for family is a major reason for investing into any second citizenship programme. Securing a brighter, safer future. Safeguarding your wealth so you can pass on the privileges you’ve enjoyed. Insuring against prejudice for generations to come.

Grenada especially sets itself apart for families though.

It has all those things in abundance, but that’s not all. There are three reasons that Grenada stands a cut above if you’ve got family to consider.

1. Lowered real estate investment criteria

Grenadian real estate has always offered solid returns – but even more now the investment criteria have decreased.

Grenada’s real estate investment option has always been popular but that popularity is about to explode. That’s because the minimum investment criteria has just been reduced from USD 350,000 to USD 220,000 – and you need only hold your investment for five years.

Plus – almost unbelievably – that investment includes all of your family members. If you’ve got family, second citizenship can seem unfeasibly costly but that’s not the case with the Grenadian programme.

This decrease means you can get Grenadian second citizenship (and new passports) for you and your family for USD 130,000 less than investors have in the past. That’s an incredible 46% saving on upfront capital.

In practical terms, that means second citizenship in Grenada has just become even more accessible for international investors. You can gain second citizenship and earn ROI through real estate – all without digging too far into your savings.

For many investors, the increased affordability also means increased speed. You’ll spend less time moving assets and freeing-up funds and can act fast.

The Grenadian programme is especially geared-up for speed too, as there’s fast-track processing on offer in only 4-6 months. Combine lightning-fast processing time with easier-to-meet investment criteria and you get one fast path to citizenship. Which is ideal if you don’t like waiting, or need to move urgently because of a shifting home landscape.

There’s nothing not to love about investing in real estate in Grenada, especially with the 46% outlay decrease increasing your ROI margins even further.

2. More flexible application criteria for family

The Grenada second citizenship allows you to include a more flexible range of family members than other programmes.

The second reason the Grenada second citizenship programme is so excellent for families are the application criteria. Other investment programmes have more stringent rules about what determines a family member. In fact, Grenada’s citizenship programme allows your spouse, unmarried siblings with no kids, dependent children (below the age of 30) and parents.

Which means it’s the only programme that reflects the true lived reality many of us face today. Life sadly doesn’t always conform to application criteria, and unmarried siblings, dependent parents and adult dependent children are all common realities.

Choosing the Grenada second citizenship programme means you can provide for all of your family – and don’t have to leave anyone behind. Grenadian second citizenship is equal opportunity in the truest sense.

3. Access a world-renowned medical education

Saint Georges University provides the most doctors into the US healthcare system in the world. And the university is much more accessible for Grenadian citizens.

Although you don’t have to live in – or even visit – Grenada to gain second citizenship, many investors do. One reason is Saint George’s University – a prestigious international university on the islands.

Saint Georges University is world-renowned for its medical programmes, including medicine, veterinary medicine, public health, the health sciences and nurturing.

So much so that Saint George’s has been the number one provider of doctors into first year US hospital placements for the last seven years. Placing 900 doctors in 2019, no other medical school across the world provides more doctors to the US healthcare system.

Aspiring doctors and medical professionals often worry whether attending an international university will limit where they can practice. However, Saint Georges’ figures prove such fear totally unfounded – in fact, the opposite is true.

If you’ve got children who are considering a medical career – and if they’d like to practice in one of the world’s greatest hubs (with huge earning potential) – Grenada is a fantastic path.

What’s more, the Grenada second citizenship programme makes entry to Saint Georges even more accessible. Like many universities, national students are treated with preference – and pay 90% less in tuition fees than foreigners.

When tuition fees sit at USD 17,500 every term and go up to USD 31,560 during hospital-based terms, you’re looking at a huge cost saving.

Which means your investment in Grenadian second citizenship essentially pays for itself – and that’s before you consider the ROI of everyone else in your family having second passports and lifetime second citizenship.

USA E-2 Visa

Another major advantage is that Grenadian citizens are also eligible to apply for an USA E-2 investor visa. This allows you to live and work with your family in the United States of America in exchange for an investment.


Investment into second citizenship is always smart, no matter where in the world you’re looking. If you’ve got family to think about, though, investment into the Grenada second citizenship programme really sets itself apart.

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Rihab Saad

Managing Director
Next Generation Equity

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