Is Antigua and Barbuda second citizenship right for you?

Is Antigua and Barbuda second citizenship right for you

With all the second citizenship programmes out there, it’s normal to worry about making the right decision. Especially when many programmes seem quite similar.

Keep reading, to discover the four ways the Antigua and Barbuda second citizenship programme stands out, you can decide if these Caribbean islands are a good match for your needs.

1. Affordable investment

Antigua and Barbuda offers two flexible investment options to suit your cash flow situation, starting from only USD 125,000 for a family of 4 (much lower than many programmes).

Second citizenship is always a wise investment but it can sometimes be a costly one. Some programmes we’re talking millions of dollars, even if you do recoup your investment after a few years.

For investors without easy access to multi-million-dollar cash flow, that can be an issue. But not in Antigua and Barbuda’s case.

Investment into the Antigua and Barbuda second citizenship programme starts from only USD 125,000 donated into the National Development Fund. That low investment criteria makes second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda uniquely affordable, even if the majority of your wealth is tied-up in assets.

Real estate is another significant option requiring a minimum investment of USD 200,000

Antigua and Barbuda is an attractive location to hold property as during peak season, there’s ample demand for accommodation. You’d be following well-trodden footsteps too – Robert De Niro has invested in a luxury hotel development in Barbuda.

If you choose the real estate investment option, it means you’d pay a little more up-front but you’d regain your investment whenever you resell. Plus, it means you’d have the prospect of rental returns – as well as a lifetime of second citizenship.

2. Fast processing

Antigua and Barbuda’s second citizenship programme is especially known for speed. You can secure citizenship in only 4-6 months – perfect if you need to move fast.

Sometimes second citizenship is an investment you’ve been thinking about for months, even years. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on various programmes since you first heard about them; biding your time, waiting until your cash flow is suitable.

But sometimes, you need to move fast. Maybe you’re here because something has changed in your personal situation and you’re looking at options to resolve things urgently.

In those situations, you might think second citizenship takes too long to be a useful solution. That’s true – for some programmes. Some programmes take years. But the Antigua and Barbuda second citizenship programme is dramatically shorter – you could get full citizenship in only 4-6 months.

Antigua and Barbuda is one of the fastest second citizenship options out there – which means it’s a great bet if you need to get the deal over the line quickly.

3. Safeguard personal wealth

Antigua and Barbuda abolished personal income tax in 2016, so you can protect more of your wealth for the future (and for future generations).

Antigua and Barbuda is a very appealing tax location if you’ve got wealth to protect. The islands offer a wealth of generous tax holidays, breaks and exemptions including, most notably, zero personal income tax.

Depending on your personal finances, this could mean second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda pays for itself in tax savings. So you’d essentially get new passports for you and your family for free.

It also means you can protect more of your wealth for the future – whether that means guaranteeing a prosperous retirement or giving heirs an inheritance that sets them up for life.

Either way, investing into Antigua and Barbuda is a smart way to protect your personal wealth.

4. Easy global travel

Antigua and Barbuda unlocks visa-free travel to over 130 countries – broadening your global horizons and opening opportunities across the world.

On 9 June 2019, The Antiguan passport moved from 10th to 5th in Landmass-Access Ranking. Therefore, Antigua and Barbuda has now become the 4th Caribbean CIP-country to gain visa-free access to Russia for its passport-holders.

Antigua and Barbuda is a peaceful, well-respected nation globally. Which means the country enjoys membership of many international organisations like the United Nations and the British Commonwealth.

Those memberships mean citizens of Antigua and Barbuda enjoy preferential travel agreements with other member countries.The upshot is, a passport from Antigua and Barbuda provides visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to more than 130 countries.

That means second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda is perfect if your current passport stops you travelling the world easily.

From a business perspective, such amplified freedom means you can grow your international portfolio more easily. Business trade opportunities increase. You no longer have to face lengthy (and potentially embarrassing) visa delays. You can simply go where your business needs you – as it should be.

From a personal perspective, it means you have a greater variety of holiday destinations to visit. You can go where you fancy; not where you can. For older children, that might mean being included in group trips rather than excluded – who doesn’t want that for their kids?

As this article proves, Antigua and Barbuda especially sets itself apart for speed and low investment criteria, closely followed by personal tax exemption and global mobility. If your priority is gaining second citizenship for you and your family fast and without stripping your assets, Antigua and Barbuda is a great choice.

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Rihab Saad

Managing Director
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