Cyprus to End Its Citizenship-by-Investment Programme on 1st November, 2020


The Cypriot Citizenship-by-Investment programme will no longer be available. The Cyprus government has announced on Tuesday, 13th October, that it will end its second citizenship programme, one of the most popular and successful programmes in the market, due to unprecedented political developments.

With investments starting from EUR 2.2 million, Cyprus’ citizenship programme has successfully generated revenues of USD 7.5 billion and issued 3,300 passports to date.

Following this update, our Citizenship Experts expect that the demand for Cyprus citizenship will be directed to other popular investment options that require lower and more attractive investments.

To begin with, the Montenegro citizenship-by-investment programme, one of the preferred programmes offering European citizenship in return for an investment, starts from EUR 350,000.

Following that is Portugal’s Golden Visa programme, the most popular European residency programme. Through Next Generation Equity, you can invest in one of Portugal’s highly sought-after real estate developments and secure European residency with an investment from only EUR 250,000, after an initial return.

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Rihab Saad

General Manager
Next Generation Equity

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