Esaad Card For Golden Visa Holders In The UAE

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The Golden Visa program opened up a world of possibilities, especially in the UAE. But did you know that as a Golden Visa holder in the UAE, you also get an exclusive identification card packed with benefits? Let’s introduce you to the Esaad Card!

This handy tool offers a variety of privileges, from government services to substantial discounts across numerous sectors, boosting your financial savings and quality of life. In this article, we’ll guide you through the significance of the Golden Visa and Esaad Card, how to get them, their benefits, and how different business sectors can profit from them.

Let’s explore this fantastic blend of opportunities and benefits for Golden Visa holders in the UAE.

Introduction to Esaad Card for Golden Visa

Overview of Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is a global phenomenon, with legislation in over 100 countries, including over 60% of EU member states. It’s a program that gives investors and their families access to new markets and a host of opportunities on a worldwide scale. These opportunities span business, career, education, healthcare, tax, and lifestyle sectors, enriching the lives of the visa holders and their future generations.

In the UAE, you’ll know the Golden Visa program. This program offers two residency options: a 10-year residency program and a 5-year residency program. To qualify for the 10-year option, you must invest at least USD 2,722,570 (AED 10 million) in public investments or be someone with exceptional skills and talents. For the 5-year option, you’ll need to invest a minimum of USD 544,514 (AED 2 million) in a property in the UAE.

Esaad Card: What it is

The Esaad Card is a unique identification card that can be issued to Golden Visa holders in the UAE. It’s not just an identification card but a key to many benefits and privileges. These include access to government services, expedited processing at airports, and discounts on various services and products. The Esaad privilege card is part of a loyalty program launched by the General Directorate of Dubai Police. It is designed to enhance the quality of life and ensure happiness for its holders.

The Esaad Card offers comprehensive discount packages for lifestyle, healthcare, fashion, beauty, tourism, and other brands.

As a cardholder, you can enjoy up to 70% worth of discounts across various sectors.

The card can be used at restaurants, cafes, fast food chains, automobile-related brands, schools and institutes of education, couture and fashion stores, health and fitness centers, retail stores, restaurants and entertainment centers, residential services, travel and tourism companies, online shopping platforms, and more.

Role of Esaad Card in Golden Visa Acquisition

The Esaad Card plays a crucial role in the acquisition of the Golden Visa in the UAE. It serves as proof of your status as a Golden Visa holder. The Esaad card holders’ are provided to holders of 5-year and 10-year Golden Visas in Dubai free of charge. The registration process for individuals involves visiting the official Esaad website and providing registration details such as name, contact details, and Emirates ID.

The Esaad Card is a valuable tool for Golden Visa holders to make key savings and enjoy various discounts across the UAE and internationally. It’s a key to accessing various government services and can save you time and hassle.

Importance of Golden Visa for International Travel

The Golden Visa is of great importance for international travel. It allows you to enter and exit the UAE without a separate visa. This mainly benefits wealthier individuals and their families, providing them with a safe haven and enriching their lifestyle and business opportunities.

Moreover, a Golden Visa enables you to travel visa-free to many European countries and provides free movement within the Schengen area for a period of 90 days per 180 days. This easy access to travel is a significant advantage for Golden Visa holders, allowing them to explore new markets and opportunities.

The Esaad Card for Golden Visa holders in the UAE is an essential document that provides numerous advantages and facilitates the Golden Visa acquisition process. It’s a valuable opportunity for investors and their families to establish a long-term presence in the country, offering a range of benefits, including the ability to live and work in the UAE, access to healthcare and education services, and the opportunity to establish and grow businesses in the country.

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Requirements and Application Process for Esaad Card

Eligibility Criteria for the Esaad Card

The Esaad card is not exclusive to Golden Visa holders. It is also available to government employees, military and civilian retirees, disabled citizens, disabled and senior citizens only, people of determination, and limited-income citizens. The privileges of the Esaad card also extend to the cardholder’s first-degree relatives.

Application Process Step-by-Step

To apply for the Esaad card, registration on the official Esaad membership website is required. If you’re a company wishing to offer Esaad card membership to your employees, you can also register on the website.

Once your application is approved, you can use your card at over 7,237 brands and businesses within the UAE and across 92 countries worldwide. The card offers discounts in sectors such as education, health, housing, food catering, amusement parks, hotels, tourism, and shopping malls.

Documentation Required for the Process

Your Emirates ID is the primary document required for the Esaad card application process. Verifying your identity and eligibility for the Esaad card benefits is necessary. Companies wishing to offer Esaad cards to their employees must possess a valid professional license and offer discounts of at least 30%.

Timeline for Esaad Card Acquisition

The timeline for acquiring the Esaad card can vary depending on several factors, including verifying your eligibility and processing your application. However, the process is straightforward and efficient, reflecting Dubai’s efforts to create a vibrant and dynamic society and enable its citizens and residents to enjoy a high quality of life.

Once you’ve got your Esaad card, you can enjoy its benefits immediately. These include discounts on a wide range of services and sectors, contributing to financial savings and enhancing your quality of life.

Benefits of Esaad Card for Golden Visa Holders

The Esaad card offers several advantages for Golden Visa holders. Here are some key benefits:

Ease of International Travel

The Esaad card enhances the global mobility granted by the Golden Visa. It is recognized in 92 countries worldwide, allowing you to enjoy its advantages within the UAE and during your international journeys.

Access to Certain Privileges

The Esaad card provides exclusive offers and discounts across various sectors. The card’s benefits are extensive, from dining and hospitality to healthcare and fashion. It’s especially advantageous for families as the privileges extend to immediate family members.

The card also offers educational discounts at numerous schools and universities, making it a valuable asset for families with school-going children. For example, I have benefited from substantial reductions in tuition fees at various educational institutions.

Importance of Esaad Card in Investments

The Esaad card can be a powerful tool for Golden Visa holders looking to capitalize on business opportunities throughout the UAE. It provides benefits across several sectors, including real estate, which can be particularly useful for those involved in property investment, allowing for maximized returns.

Residence Perks Associated with the Card

The Esaad card comes with a variety of residential benefits that can significantly enhance your living experience in the UAE. For example, I have availed of discounts at numerous retail outlets and on certain airlines.

The card also provides benefits at health-related services, fitness centers, and even complimentary parking at select locations. These perks and the UAE’s tax benefits for Golden Visa holders make residing in the UAE an appealing prospect.

So, whether you’re an investor, a parent, or simply someone looking to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of the UAE, the Esaad card is an invaluable asset.

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Renewal Process and Conditions for the Esaad Card

Duration of the Esaad Card

The Esaad Card is not a lifetime privilege. It has a validity period of 30 days from the date of issuance. Therefore, monitoring the expiration date is crucial to ensure uninterrupted access to its benefits.

Renewal Process for the Card

The renewal process is simple and can be done via the official website or the Esaad app. You’ll need to provide your registration details, including your Emirates ID. The service fee is USD 14 (AED 50), with an additional USD 5.50 (AED 20) for knowledge and innovation fees.

If you opt for an in-person application at a service center, an extra USD 27 (AED 100) fee applies. Applications with legal discrepancies are not included in the standard service duration, so ensure your personal details used are accurate and current.

Conditions for Non-Renewal of the Card

There are certain circumstances under which the card may not be renewed. Your renewal may be denied if you no longer meet the eligibility criteria, such as being a Golden Visa holder or a government employee. Legal issues, like outstanding fines or penalties, could also affect the renewal process.

Implications of Lost/Stolen Esaad Card

If your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, it’s important to report the incident promptly to the relevant authorities. This can be done by visiting the nearest Customer Happiness Center of the ICA and requesting a replacement. The authority will deactivate the old card and issue a new one with the same ID number.

The replacement fee is USD 82 (AED 300), plus an application fee of USD 19 (AED 70) if submitted through typing centers or USD 11 (AED 40) if submitted online through the e-form on the ICA’s website. An additional USD 41 (AED 150) is charged for express service. The new card will have the same validity period as the replaced card’s remaining validity.

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The Business Sectors That Benefit The Most From The Esaad Card Privileges

The card’s privileges are not limited to personal benefits but also extend to various business sectors. The Esaad card’s benefits extend across various sectors, including healthcare, education, hospitality, real estate, retail, and transportation, leading to significant savings and an enhanced quality of life for cardholders.


The healthcare industry is one such sector that reaps substantial advantages. Cardholders can avail of reduced rates at medical facilities, pharmacies, and home nursing services, thereby making healthcare more affordable.


The education sector is another area that sees significant benefits. The card provides reductions at educational institutions ranging from kindergartens to universities, making quality education more attainable.

Hospitality and Entertainment

The hospitality and entertainment industries also see considerable advantages. Cardholders can avail of restaurant discounts and lower rates at eateries, hotels, amusement parks, and tourist attractions, enhancing their UAE experience.

Real Estate

The real estate industry also benefits from this card. Golden Visa cardholders already involved in property investment can avail of discounts on residential services, making property investment more cost-effective.


The card also provides reductions at many retail outlets and e-commerce platforms, leading to substantial savings for cardholders.

Automobile Services

Furthermore, the Esaad card offers discounts on automobile services, including maintenance, rentals, and driving schools, making transportation more affordable.

Final Thoughts on the Esaad Card for Golden Visa Holders

Getting the Esaad Card as a Golden Visa holder isn’t just about having another ID. It’s your chance to tap into exclusive benefits and privileges across multiple sectors within the UAE and beyond. From travel to education, healthcare to lifestyle, the Esaad Card is your key to a world of opportunities.

For you as a Golden Visa holder, it boosts the worth of your investment, offering substantial discounts and making international travel easier. In short, the Esaad Card is a valuable asset for you, acting as a passport to a better quality of life. So why wait? Start making the most of your investment in the UAE today. Apply for the Esaad Card.

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