Grenada Passport Visa free Countries

Thanks to the Grenada citizenship by investment program, expats becoming Grenada passport holders enjoy remarkable travel benefits, with visa-free access to 142 destinations worldwide.

These diverse travel opportunities vary depending on the country of destination, with some nations allowing Grenada citizens to enter without a visa. In contrast, others require a visa-on-arrival or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

Citizens of Grenada can take advantage of visa-free travel across many popular destinations such as the United Kingdom, China, and Schengen Area countries. 

However, the period of stay in these countries without a visa is subject to their respective nation’s visa regulations, and it may be limited based on the duration and purpose of the visit.

A man on a plane travelling to Grenada visa free countries

Visa-Free Or Visa On Arrival

It’s crucial to remember that the list of visa-free countries can change over time due to factors like updated visa agreements and temporary travel restrictions. Always double-check before traveling to ensure you have accurate and up-to-date information.

Visa-on-Arrival Countries:

Visa on arrival is an accessible option for Grenada passport holders visiting certain countries. Upon landing at their destination, travelers provide the necessary documentation and complete any required paperwork to obtain their visa. The fees, length of stay, and requirements may vary depending on the country, so it’s always important to research your specific destination’s policies before departure.

EVisa and eTA Countries:

An eVisa or electronic visa represents another online alternative for obtaining visas before departing for certain foreign destinations. This streamlined approach eliminates the need to visit a consulate or embassy, making the process more efficient and convenient.

For some visa-exempt nations, travelers may need to acquire an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) in advance. An eTA is not a visa per se but a digital pre-screening method confirming travelers’ eligibility to enter their destination country. This typically involves submitting basic personal information and travel details and paying a fee online.

Here at NGE, we aim to ensure Grenada passport holders are well-equipped with accurate and updated information about visa-free travel options, visa-on-arrival destinations, and countries requiring eVisa or eTA. This knowledge helps to facilitate a smooth and enjoyable travel experience while staying informed about changing visa policies and requirements. Remember to always verify the current visa guidelines for your intended destination ahead of time, and happy travels!

Here Is A Complete List Of The Grenada Visa Free And Visa On Arrival Countries.