Malta Passport Visa free Countries

One of the many benefits of obtaining a second citizenship through the Malta citizenship by investment program is gaining access to a world of visa-free and visa-on-arrival opportunities.

At present, Maltese citizens can enjoy traveling to over 170 countries across regions such as Europe, Asia, and South America without needing a visa before their journey. For example, Maltese passport holders can visit Schengen countries in Europe like France and Germany, Asian nations such as Japan and South Korea, or explore South American gems like Brazil and Argentina.

In addition to these visa-free countries, Malta passport holders can access several more destinations through visa-on-arrival or eVisa options. These travel spots grant visitors the convenience of obtaining a visa upon arriving at their destination or securing an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before departure. Some popular examples include African countries like Tanzania and Madagascar, Southeast Asian nations like Indonesia and Vietnam, and Middle Eastern countries like Bahrain and Qatar. 

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Visa-Free Or Visa On Arrival

Visa-Free Destinations for Malta Passport Holders:

Visa-free countries, such as Japan, New Zealand, or Brazil, allow Maltese citizens to enter their territory without a visa, subject to the respective nation’s visa regulations. It’s important to note that the regulations regarding the duration of stay and the purposes for travel may vary depending on the destination country. Therefore, it’s essential to confirm if a visa is required for extended stays or for purposes not covered under the Visa Waiver Policy of the destination country.

Visa on Arrival Countries:

A visa on arrival, available in countries like Cambodia, Kenya, or Bolivia, allows travelers to receive their visa upon arrival at the airport or border crossing point in the destination country. The fees, duration of stay, and requirements may vary depending on the country. Upon arrival, you must complete the necessary paperwork and provide any required documentation to obtain your visa. Once granted, you can enjoy your stay in the country for the specified duration and purpose.

Countries Requiring eTA:

An eTA is a mandatory digital document for visa-exempt travelers to certain countries, such as Canada or Australia. To obtain an eTA, you must apply online before your trip. While not a traditional visa, the eTA serves as a pre-screening process that involves submitting basic personal and travel information and paying a fee online. Once approved, the eTA is electronically linked to your passport and usually allows for multiple entries within a specified timeframe.

Countries Requiring eVisa:

An eVisa is a type of visa that can be applied for and obtained online before traveling. This streamlined process makes it easy for Maltese citizens to receive their visas without visiting a consulate or embassy. In most cases, you can print your eVisa, required in countries like India, Turkey, or Egypt, or store it on a mobile device to present upon arrival at the destination country. While the eVisa is similar to the eTA, they usually grant access to the destination country for shorter periods.

Changes to Visa-Free Travel:

Please note that visa-free travel destinations for Malta passport holders can change periodically due to updated visa agreements, temporary travel restrictions, and newly imposed entry requirements. It’s crucial to stay informed about any additional visa requirements or temporary restrictions that your travel destination country may impose.

Here Is A Complete List Of The Malta Passport Visa Free And Visa On Arrival Countries.