Vanuatu Passport Visa Free Countries

Venturing into the global sphere with the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program yields numerous benefits.

Arguably, one of the most considerable advantages is the ability for Vanuatu passport holders to enjoy visa-free travel or simplified immigration procedures to a multitude of global destinations. As of June 2023, Vanuatuan citizens gain access to 61 countries worldwide, which includes diverse regional hotspots in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Unveil your travel desires by exploring varied cultures across the African plains, experiencing thrilling urban centers in Europe, or retreating to breathtaking landscapes in Asia. This effortless accessibility comes with the comfort of visa-free entry or easy arrival procedures for Vanuatu passport holders.

Remember to stay updated on each destination’s travel regulations concerning the duration and purpose of stay, as some instances could necessitate a visa not included under their specific Visa Waiver Policies.

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Visa-Free Or Visa On Arrival

Several countries extend visa-free or visa-on-arrival facilities to Vanuatuan citizens. This convenience allows travelers to acquire their visas upon landing in the destination country or at its border checkpoint, resulting in a smoother journey. However, be aware that visa fees, permitted lengths of stay, and requirements might vary from country to country. Upon providing the necessary documents and completing the requisite paperwork, visitors are granted the visa, facilitating an enjoyable stay within the permitted duration and for the permitted purpose.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Requiring Countries:

For certain countries like Sri Lanka, Vanuatuan passport bearers are required to get an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This obligatory digital document expedites the pre-screening process prior to the commencement of travels. With this, travelers can provide personal and travel information online, which, when approved, gets linked electronically to their passports, commonly allowing multiple entries within a determined timeframe.

Electronic Visas (eVisas):

Vanuatuan passport holders can also utilize the streamlined eVisa application process, where they can apply for and secure a visa online. Implementing this procedure eradicates the need to visit a consulate or embassy. Travelers can print or store the eVisa on their mobile device, ready to be showcased upon arrival at the destination country.

Stay Up-to-Date with Visa-Free Access Changes:

Vanuatuan passport bearers must understand that revised visa agreements, momentary travel constraints, or recently implemented entry requirements might alter visa-free travel locations sporadically. To guarantee smooth and worry-free travel, remain informed about new rules and restrictions connected to your intended travel destination.

Why Visa-Free Destinations Are Great for Vanuatuan Passport Holders

Exploring visa-free nations with a Vanuatu passport offers an incredible opportunity to traverse various global cultures without fretting about visa prerequisites. Visitors typically have up to 90 days to experience their chosen location while immersing themselves in the native culture.

Complete List Of The Vanuatu Passport Visa Free Countries


Inlcuding Vanuatu Passport Visa On Arrival And eTA Countries