Residency by Investment


Permanent residency (PR) is a visa status that allows the bearer of the permanent residence permit to legally reside in the host country without being a citizen of that country. This visa can be obtained through residency by investment programmes.

In addition to residing in the host country, permanent residents can also work, study and access healthcare benefits.

In some cases, permanent residents may be afforded additional benefits. Permanent residents of Schengen Area countries, for example, are permitted to travel within the Schengen Area without a visa or live in other Schengen states for up to three months within any six-month period.

Permanent residents can usually apply for full citizenship after a set period of time, depending on the host country.


Residency by investment is on the rise worldwide. Obtaining permanent residency through investment has become a very fast process which can be completed within 3-5 months.


Residency by investment programs have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many countries recognizing the benefits of attracting foreign investments to their economy. For investors, these investment programs can offer the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit in a foreign country, as well as potential financial gains from their investment.

One of the primary benefits of residency by investment programs is the ability to live and work in a foreign country without the need for a work visa. This can provide greater freedom of movement and flexibility for investors and their families. In addition, many of these investment programs offer family-friendly options, allowing spouses and dependent children to obtain residency as well.

The minimum investment required to qualify for a residency by investment program can vary depending on the country and the specific investment program. For example, some countries require a significant capital investment in real estate, while others may require a financial contribution to a national development fund. It is important to carefully review the requirements and options for each investment program to determine the best fit for individual investment goals.

In addition to the potential financial benefits of residency by investment programs, investors should also consider the tax implications of their investment. Some countries may offer favorable tax rates for foreign investments, while others may require personal income tax payments on income earned within the country.

Overall, seeking residency though a residency by investment program can be a valuable option for individuals seeking to obtain permanent residence in a foreign country. These programs offer a range of investment options and benefits, and can provide a pathway to greater economic opportunity and freedom of movement.


Improvement in quality of life

Fast access to benefits

Fast access to benefits

Some programmes will grant permanent residency in as little as 3 months.

Most residency programmes allow you to extend your residency and its benefits to your spouse and any dependent children.

Freedom to travel

Freedom to travel

Freedom to travel

Enjoy visa-free travel across the EU and the 26 Schengen states.

Benefit from any formal travel arrangements or visa exemptions that your host country has in place with any other countries.

Improvement in quality of life copy 2

Business benefits

Business benefits

As a permanent resident, you are free to do business within and trade from your host country.

Economical stability

Access to world-class services

Access to world-class services

As a permanent resident, you can access education and healthcare in your host country.

Greater opportunity

Minimal eligibility requirements

Minimal eligibility requirements

Most residency-by-investment programmes do not require you to live in your host country to qualify for residency. In some cases, you are only required to visit the host country once every 12 months.

Economical stability copy 3

Tax efficiencies

Tax efficiencies

You can also benefit from your host country’s personal and corporate tax rates – this is as low as 10% in some of countries that offer permanent residency.

Benefits of
Residency by Investment

The benefits of residency by investment include easier access to travel, better quality of life, and financial advantages. Here’s a closer look at how you and your family can benefit from residency by investment.


1. Access to a New Country

  • Obtain residency in a foreign country and experience new cultures and lifestyles.
  • Benefit from a higher quality of life and improved living conditions.
  • Enjoy access to better healthcare, education, and other public services.


2. Access to the European Union

  • Gain the ability to travel freely and work throughout the European Union.
  • Enjoy visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, which includes most of Europe.
  • Benefit from the ease of travel and the opportunity to explore new destinations.
  • Save time and money on visas and other travel expenses.


3. Favourable Tax Regimes

  • Take advantage of a flat tax rate for foreign-sourced income.
  • Benefit from high-net-worth individual tax regimes, which provide tax benefits for high-net-worth individuals.
  • Enjoy non-habitual resident tax regimes, which offer favorable tax rates for those who meet certain conditions.


4. Property Investment

  • Build long-term wealth through property investments.
  • Benefit from affordable real estate prices and the opportunity to own property in a foreign country.


5. Educational Opportunities

  • Gain access to a wide range of educational opportunities, including international schools and universities.
  • Provide children with a high-quality education in a new and exciting environment.


Residency By Investment FAQs 


Which countries give permanent residency by buying property?

There are several countries that offer permanent residency in exchange for investment in property. Some of the popular options include Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Malta, and Cyprus. Each country has its own set of requirements and investment thresholds that must be met in order to qualify for permanent residency.


What is the difference between citizenship by investment and residency by investment?

Citizenship by investment and residency by investment are two different ways to obtain legal status in a foreign country. Residency by investment programs allow individuals to obtain residency status in a foreign country in exchange for a specific investment, such as a real estate purchase, business investment, or government bond purchase. Citizenship by investment programs, on the other hand, offer a faster and more direct path to obtaining full citizenship in a foreign country in exchange for a larger investment. These programs typically require a higher investment threshold than residency by investment programs and may also require additional criteria such as language proficiency or physical residence in the country.


What is the easiest country to get a residence permit?

The easiest country to get a residence permit differs based on individual circumstances and preferences. Among popular options, Portugal’s investment program is considered more straightforward due to its minimum investment requirement for obtaining permanent residence. The immigrant investor program in this country allows investors to choose from various investment options, including real estate, capital transfer, or job creation.


How much does residency by investment cost?

Residency by investment can vary in cost depending on the specific program chosen and the country where one seeks permanent residence. Typically, there is a minimum investment amount that must be met in order to apply for an immigrant investor program. For example, Portugal offers several options with different pricing points starting at €500,000 for real estate purchases or €1.5 million as capital transfer contribution. Other countries may have varying levels of financial commitments required for their respective programs – it’s essential to research each destination thoroughly before making any decisions regarding investments and residency applications.


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